Farmers Market Martini - Vodka, simple syrup, blackberry-sage puree   6.5

The Hanky Panky Martini - Sweet vermouth and Fernet Branca   7.5
Created in the early 1900s at the Savoy Hotel in London by the
pioneering female bartender Ada Coleman

Puka Sahib - Medoyeff vodka, lemon juice and absinthe   7.5

Watermelon Daiquiri - Bacardi light rum, house made watermelon juice, lime   6.5

Bojangle - Slivovitz plum brandy, 12 Bridges gin, Chartreuse   9

DMD Cocktail - Elderflower liqueur, orange bitters & sparkling wine   7

Corpse Reviver #2 - Aviation gin, Lillet blanc, cointreau, lemon juice, absinthe   8

Orange Martini - Indio Blood Orange vodka, grand marnier, apple juice, orange bitters   7

Bacon Bourbon Manhattan - Bacon infused Bulleit bourbon, housemade maraschino cherry, love   8


The John Daly - apple wood smoked New Deal vodka, ice tea, lemonade and bitters   7

BT White Russian - Monoplowa vodka, Stumptown hairbender espresso liquor, cocoa-guajillo bitters,
and a splash of cream   7

1852 Stone Fence - Buffalo Trace Bourbon, fresh apple cider, bitters   7.5

Havana Cobbler - Bacardi light rum, port and green ginger wine   7

Ginger and Tonic - Bombay Saphire gin, muddled ginger, tonic, lime   6.5

BT Collins - Vodka, elderflower liqueur, maraschino, lemon juice and soda   7

Old Fashioned Old Fashioned - Sazerac whiskey, bitters, simple syrup   8.5
None of the nonsense that passes for a modern Old Fashioned, this is the original recipe.

Bone & Beneh - Bombay Sapphire gin, Fernet Branca and cider   7

Beet Margarita - Tequila, red beet juice, Cointreau, lime juice, with yellow beet salt   7

Dew Skitch - Buffalo Trace bourbon, fresh apple cider, bitters   7

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