padrones & popcorn   5        
new potatoes, tallegio & olives   5   
Fried chickpeas   3 


Seasonal soup   6

Simple green salad with red wine vinaigrette   4

Goat cheese fritter with watermelon and mizuna   7

Shrimp, sweet corn, pork belly and swiss chard, 
with grilled polenta   8

House charcuterie plate   11

Heirloom tomatoes with chick peas, arugula, creme fraiche
and preserved lemon oil   8

Butter lettuce with carrots, radishes, sheeps milk feta, champagne raisins
and muscatel vinaigrette   7

Chopped salad of cucumbers, beets, chard ribs and boiled egg   7

Grilled cuttlefish, kohlrabi and endive with capers and warm bacon vinaigrette   8


Pan seared halibut, wheat berries and spring greens
with fennel, shrimp and basil seeds   11 / 20

Eggplant, mushroom and leek terrine, with fresh mozzarella, spinach 
and lemon    8 / 13

Hand made pierogis with pine nut- basil butter, ricotta
and chile flakes   8 / 16

Grilled duroc pork chop with creamed corn
and smoked pork slaw   17

Roasted half chicken with green sauce, zucchini, cherry tomatoes
and basil   15

Linguini with clams, Spanish peppers, garlic and parsley   8 / 16

Grilled bavette steak with fingerlings, arugula
and sorrel butter   9 / 17

BT Burger, house made fries, and bone marrow aioli   10
  add Tillamook sharp cheddar bleu cheese or pimenton   1
  add house smoked bacon   3


green beans & roasted mushrooms   4
grilled vegetables with romesco   5
house made fries with bone marrow aioli   4

Fourless chocolate cake with peanut-butter panna cotta & whipped cream

Sweet corn semifreddo with peach and blackberry compote

Stumptown custard with caramel foam

Banana pudding with candied bacon

Cheese plate with Steve's cheese, honey cocoa crackers and seasonal fruit - 10

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